About CinemaDream

If you’re looking for the market leader in home cinema, sooner or later you’ll end up with CinemaDream. We founded CinemaDream based on pure passion and true love for cinema, and have been steadily developing to become the specialist in residential cinemas.

We focus on the design, advice, and realization of home cinema installations. CinemaDream consists of four people, with Volkan Bugday as the leading role in the company, a passionate entrepreneur with a huge passion for (home) cinema.

About Volkan Bugday

My first cinematic experience was in 1989. Batman, with Michael Keaton and Jack Nickelson, directed by Tim Burton. I was so impressed by this film, that I immediately decided I want to spend my life focusing on cinema. From here, my passion started, and 20 years later I’m still as passionate as before about reproducing sound and image. I’m astounded by the way film can communicate with people.

When you play music or the soundtrack of a film at the right time and on a beautiful installation, you’ll be touched in the deepest of your soul. A perfectly tuned multi-channel system with a well-balanced screen just adds so much more dimension to film, opera, and even pop concerts. At CinemaDream, everything is about creating this optimal experience for film and music!

Your way of thinking, our way of working.

CinemaDream enables you to try out your favorite products in your own home theater. This way, you’ll be able to see and hear how these products perform in your own surroundings.

Should you be interested in one of our systems, then our advisor is able to give you a demo at home.

Of course, you’re also welcome to have a look in our Experience Center, to see and hear these unique products with your own eyes and ears.

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