CinemaDream is also your supplier of complete audio-visual furnishing of business areas. From separate products to interior design and maintenance, CinemaDream develops and delivers high quality services and products in the field of audio-visual information and communication technology.

These services have a highly innovative character and will be delivered wherever and whenever desired.

In this modern day and age where technology is anything but standing still, no conference hall, large or small, is equipped without the proper supplies to give presentations. Varying from an LCD screen, a projection screen, 4K Ultra HD projection, to a digital school board. And this all supplemented with the proper amplification and loudspeaker systems. Even novel items such as an interactive touch screen, video conferencing, or webcasting is practically standard these days.

Projection in office areas.

In bright conditions such as in offices, contrast is crucial to achieve great image quality and clear presentations. Conventional projection screens are generally associated with darkness and sun blinds. They reflect the surrounding light and not just that of the projector, causing a low contrast ratio. This in term may tire the viewer’s eyes, making it difficult to concentrate on a presentation.

Which applications does your company use? What is primary and what is secondary? Which processes need to be automated? Even the most complex systems will be made accessible for your business. With a simple gesture on a central control panel, or a swipe on a touch screen, you’ll not only be able to adapt sound and image, but also light, heating, cooling, and ventilation.

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