Home Cinema.

Just imagine: watching movies, sports, or playing games, in your own high-end home theater! Our tailor-made custom systems are designed based on your wishes. We help you get the best out of your living room or separate home theater.

With systems made by CinemaDream, you’ll experience true emotions like the director and sound engineers meant it.

Design and construct.

When building a great home cinema, there’s a lot at play. When one of of the ingredients of the home cinema mix doesn’t function properly, the whole concept will suffer.

CinemaDream therefore offers an assortment of equipment where everything fits together perfectly. You decide the budget and choose a fitting home cinema for the best movie, concert, or gaming experience.

Home theaters are designed on the basis of a flat screen TV, or better yet, a projector and projection screen. A home theater with a projector is the most favorable option, when you want a larger screen area such as 100″ or higher. Projection quality is often Full HD or 4K Ultra HD, guaranteeing the highest quality. However, for projection, low light is required. In case low lighting is not possible, a high-quality plasma television will be a great alternative. Whichever kind of space, we will create the ultimate experience in your home!

THX, ISF & HAA specialist.

CinemaDream can create complete turnkey home cinemas in every space of your home, because with our THX, ISF, and HAA certificates, we have guaranteed know-how to completely customize and tune any sound and image equipment.

We also take in account all of the current norms from high-end cinemas, making sure that the end result will surpass your wildest dreams.

CinemaDream is THX, ISF, and HAA certified. ISF stands for Imaging Science Foundation and carries out image standardization and calibration. HAA stands for Home Acoustics Alliance, which analyses and optimizes acoustics in every space.

Plan a demonstration.

To get a better understanding of what our certifications mean in real-life usage, please pay a visit to our showroom or Experience Center.

Let us demonstrate how our THX, ISF, and HAA knowledge can be used in setting up the ultimate home cinema experience.

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