A true IMAX experience at home.

Just like in the movies, a completely multi-functional area. Completely designed to fit your wishes and needs, equipped with the best techniques. Enjoying the newest movies in your own private home theater. With one touch of a button, the curtains roll down and the lighting dims. A movie starts. An intense audio-visual sensation. Optimal movie experience throughout every fiber of your body. As if you’re the main character in the film. Experience how spectacular it can be to game on this high-end system, it’s never been this sensational. Home cinema within everyone’s reach!

A home theater is designed on the basis of a flat screen TV, or better yet, a projector and projection screen. These can be installed in your living room or separate home theater. A projector-based home cinema is the best when you wish to view on a larger screen area such as 100″ or more.

In your living room, it may be beneficial to hide the projector and projection screen in a ceiling elevator or ceiling mount by Audipack.

The projection screen.

A projection screen is the centermost piece of equipment in a home theater system. However good a projector is, it needs to be projected onto something in order for the human eye to see the image. Your choice of projection screens is therefore of huge importance.

The goal of a projection screen is twofold: on the one hand the display of visual information without loss of image quality, and on the other hand the spreading of the projected light to the public. Both of these aspects are paramount to an optimal projected image quality.

Loudspeakers and acoustics.

Loudspeakers are available in many different shapes and sizes (in-wall, on-wall, floorstanding, monitors, etcetera) and can be hidden or shown. Together with you, we will look what fits your space the best and looks the greatest. For maximum impact, visible loudspeakers can be installed, or hidden loudspeakers to create a calmer viewing experience. It’s even possible to install loudspeakers behind an acoustically transparent projection screen!

The ultimate sound and image begins with a good-sounding rooms. Acoustical treatment and a good design will achieve the best results out of any system. Modern interior designs may sometimes result in acoustical problems. Especially with surfaces of wood, stone, or glass, this can result in echoes. Adding curtains, carpets, rugs, and even books, can help with your acoustic situation. We will treat every room acoustically and make sure to optimize the sound.

Plan a demonstration.

Get in touch and plan a demonstration.

We can show you the different loudspeaker options, mounting options, acoustical treatments, and many more.

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